Dedicated to breeding quality Norwich Terriers in health, temperament
and soundness while maintaining breed standard.

About Us at TriNor Kennels

PamNicky-b.jpgI adore this breed since I discovered it while watching the Westminster in 1998 when one of Lotus Tutton's dogs won, it was the first time I can remember seeing a norwich terrier and I immediately fell in love.

I appreciate being blessed enough to be able to own/breed/and show this lovely breed. I am totally devoted to this breed and making responsible decisions moving forward as best I can to maintain the integrity, temperament, health, and breed standard of the norwich terrier.

My dogs are all family pets, first and foremost LOVED... and then shown as a HOBBY. I don't breed often, only when I want something to continue to show or to improve on. 

Eventually, I will have a nicer website.. but for now, this is it.. and I hope you enjoy.

Pam Murphy
TriNor Kennels